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Jake Freivald

February 2008

Pro Prose and New Names

Don't waste too much time reading this. Go read new stories. Veteran writer Dave Hoing has provided a touching look into the heart of a farmer with “Souls of the Harvest,” and we're extremely proud to present two first-class first sales: “Apologies All Around” by Jeff Soesbe and “Masquerade at Well Country Camp” by Ann Pino. Finish off with a science fiction Classic Flash from 1962 — a time when telecommunications were a little more primitive.

And while you're at it, see what Bruce Holland Rogers has to say about deadlines, genres, and the state of writing.

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About the Author

Jake Freivald

The eyes of Jake Freivald

Jake Freivald lives in New Jersey in a house that teems with life: a wife, eight kids, two dogs, two cats, and ten fish. They’re all being neglected right now, so he’s going to stop writing this.

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