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Jake Freivald

November 2008

An October Surprise

Jake Freivald, Editor
Jake Freivald, Editor

Yes, I know we already published a Halloween story — “A Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf — but Mercedes M. Yardley’s “Ray the Vampire” seemed so perfect that we had to do another one. It’s a fun story and, of course, a quick read.

Normally we publish on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month, so the rest of our November issue will go live on the 4th — Election Day! Print out the stories to read while you’re waiting in line.

This column will detail some of our other stories at that time, too — a new one called “The Cleansing” from Suzanne Vincent, who penned I Speak The Master’s Will from our very first issue, and a new and penetrating story from Amanda Yskamp called “The Scientific Method”. Plus a Classic Flash and Bruce Holland Rogers's writing column. Don’t miss it!

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Jake Freivald

The eyes of Jake Freivald

Jake Freivald lives in New Jersey in a house that teems with life: a wife, eight kids, two dogs, two cats, and ten fish. They’re all being neglected right now, so he’s going to stop writing this.

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