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Jake Freivald

May 2009

Events Large and Small

Jake Freivald, Editor
Jake Freivald, Editor

If we seem a little on the late side with this issue, it’s because we publish on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month. Since May started on Friday, this is as late as we’ll ever be. Our next issue will go live on June 2.

As usual, we have three new pieces of flash fiction to give you this month. The first is “Descent” by Bryan S. Wang. It’s not a pretty piece — one of our readers called it “Lord of the Flies in a thousand words or less” — but it’s vivid and gripping. The second is “Jack Rabbit” by Isaac Espriu, and as a CrackBerry addict I have to tell you that I don’t like what this says about my future. Finally, as a chaser (sorry, folks, no unicorns) we have KJ Kabza’s “Billions of Stars”. Just read it. You’ll be happy you did.

Classic Flash #18 is called “To The Death!” Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of a Mexican victory over the French, and this is the only classic sub-one-thousand-word French war story I could find. Go figure.

Bruce Holland Rogers is on hiatus this month. He’ll be returning next month with a continuation of his discussion of the MICE quotient (see last month’s column to know what that is) and another illustrative story. In case you haven’t read his previous columns, I’ve taken his absence as an opportunity to publish an index of them.

There have been a ton of good things going on with Flash Fiction Online this month. First, there was a great review of David Tallerman’s “Strive To Be Happy” over at T.J. Forrester’s wonderful Five Star Literary Stories. One of the things that I love about the site is that it helps philistines like me appreciate stories that aren’t really my type: It’s dedicated to the love of story, with no snark, which means that I can see the story through someone else’s eyes and come to enjoy something that I might not have given much time to otherwise. Of course, I love “Strive To Be Happy” — it’s one of our Pushcart nominees for 2008 — but I recommend you peruse the site and check out other stories that you might not have read before.

If literary stories aren’t your style, check out what Gayle Surrette and team are doing over at SFRevu. Sam Tomaino, short fiction reviewer, consistently reviews us, and they also have a ton of content you’ll want to check out.

Finally, as a late-breaking update, Flash Fiction Online was featured as part of a Computerworld story, “Digital lit: How technology is changing what we read”. As someone who works in the software business, it’s really cool to see my modest ‘zine in a publication as well-respected as Computerworld, and it’s a great topic, too.

That’s just the magazine-related stuff. At a personal level, I’ve been trying to make money at a day job in this economy, having my eighth child (the link is to my wife’s blog), the triumph of the battery-powered musical snot-sucker (no, I’m not kidding, and subscribe to my wife’s blog if you’d like to hear about it when the posting comes up), and a lot of other fun stuff. You can follow what’s going on and see what I’m interested in by following me on Twitter. I can’t guarantee you that it’ll be interesting, but when was that ever a guarantee on Twitter anyway? Please feel free to join the conversation.

Thanks as always to those of you who have donated money recently, including Joseph Crespo, Edna Sheedy, Abigail Rustad, and Vincent O’Connor. If you’d like to lend a hand, please hit the Tip Jar. Every little bit helps, I promise.

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Jake Freivald

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Jake Freivald lives in New Jersey in a house that teems with life: a wife, eight kids, two dogs, two cats, and ten fish. They’re all being neglected right now, so he’s going to stop writing this.

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