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Suzanne Vincent


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Suzanne Vincent, Editor
Suzanne Vincent, Editor

We at Flash Fiction Online wish to express our condolences to the family of Ray Bradbury who passed away June 5th. He was a true master of the written word.

In this issue: Viewpoint. What we see and how we see are seldom the same thing. It's the glass-half-empty-or-half-full idea. Even a small change in how we view our world and circumstances can be life-changing.

In this month’s stories, small changes in the main characters’ viewpoints make for hopeful and satisfying “light bulb” moments for two lost souls. We hope you enjoy “A Place for Passions” by Michael Banker, and “The Mirror With Six Faces” by David Larson.

And our Classic Flash, a dark fantasy called “A Pretty Quarrel” from Lord Dunsany, shows us a change of perspective in the demi-gods as they war against the dwarfs, far from the courts of heaven.

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About the Author

Suzanne Vincent

The eyes of Suzanne Vincent

Suzanne Vincent — an old fat lady from the heart of Mormondom — ekes out a little spare time to crank out the occasional interesting story, usually with a somewhat deranged bent, but softened by an undercurrent of spirituality. She writes about her interests, which range far and wide: history, "low" fantasy, really good psychological horror, tattoos, Indonesian puppets, fortune cookies, mirrors, and a particular soft spot for old and/or unfamiliar fairy tales, myths, and legends. A 2005 graduate of Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp, she regrets not having begun her study of the writing craft while in her youth. "I Speak the Master’s Will" was featured in the first issue of Flash Fiction Online, and "The Cleansing" appeared in November 2008. She has also been previously published at, and her story “Strange Love” was published in audio form at Drabblecast.

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