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Friday, November 21, 2008

Anthology Market

Fiction anthologies, generally a collection of themed short stories, give readers and writers a quick literary survey of the anthology's theme. "Best of" titles are familiar to most of us: Best of Science Fiction...Horror...Fantasy. These are anthologies of reprints, so their quality is generally high. But there are many first-publication anthologies as well, often with a very focused theme. Ralan.com has a treasure trove of marketing information for writers and readers looking for mainstream and obscure publications. I'll do a general article on them later, but I'll only mention now their "Anthology Markets" section, which includes one-time and annual anthologies market listings.

One value of this listing, alluded to already, is the under-one-roof access to an eclectic collection of themes. Here are a few recent listings that might otherwise be difficult to find: Catastrophia (see my Extinction Events article), Things Aren't What They Seem, and Silly Western Anthology. Also listed are: Federations (space opera), Interfictions (interstitial fiction), and Warrior Wisewoman 2.


Blogger Jake Freivald said...

Thanks for the post, Bill. Also please note that Ralan runs the site off of donations, so please contribute. It doesn't take a lot of money from any one person if everyone chips in a little bit.

November 21, 2008 10:50 AM  

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