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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Open Source Software for Writers (and Readers)

Open source software is, as the software developers say, free, as in free beer and freedom to change yourself. Here is a nice list of software tools for writers. I think many readers will find a treat or two there too. Some easy choices from the list are Open Office Writer, a Microsoft file-compatible word processor (Windows, OS X and Linux). Open Office Calc is an Excel file-compatible spread sheet, though not mentioned, useful for tracking subs).

I've seen much praise for the first item in the list, but haven't tried, yWriter a word processor for writers (Windows only, but I may try it under OS X with VMware Fusion). Another on the list that I know by its good reputation is Scribus (for desktop publishing, Windows, OS X and Linux). NVU (web publishing, Windows, OS X and Linux), seems to be a frozen project, but a bug-fixed version is here at KompoZer.

Also see the earlier post on EtherPad, for collaborating on the web. In the comments you'll see that FFO's artist-in-residence and writer, Richard Ware, found this useful in one of his writing collaborations. This is not open-sourced, but is free to use, presently.

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