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Friday, February 6, 2009

Writerly Malware

Malware is the class of software that infects computers for evil purposes...viruses, trojans and the like. The method of attacking someone with malware is its vector. One class of vectors uses social engineering to convince the victim to use the malware. The Nigerian phishing spam (Nov. 2008 archive) relies on greed.

Here is a writerly method that recently surfaced: fake parking tickets on windshield wipers with a web link to contest the parking ticket. The web site has pictures of the cars and, of course, is laden with malware. Here is a report of the vector. It is rather dry, because this is a blog of an information security company. I found the account an interesting glimpse of the malware "industry." Perhaps the malware entrepreneurs should employ flash fiction writers to construct convincing social engineering scenarios.



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