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Monday, March 23, 2009

Battle Star Galactica Invades the United Nations!

Since we're dangerously close to April 1, I was tempted to say this is a story hoax, but, no, March Madness (U.S. college basketball frenzy), isn't even over. Apparently, the United Nations hosted the Battle Star Galactica cast and discussed matters of universal scope. Says Whoopi Goldberg: "The UN is more than a building with fantastic curtains..."

The point of the conversation, according to the article, was that BSG (as the cool kids call it) often dealt with moral topics that the UN mismanages...um...faces head on, like military incursions, race relations (even if interplanetary), the full meaning of human, abortion and religion (the later two according to an online comment to the article), and so on.

Last Friday was the series-finale after a four-year run.

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