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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speculative Mystery

I began searching out a genre out of curiousity using "science mystery" as my search. Mistake. I got nothing but stuff like yesterday's post about some of the mysteries of science. I found that "speculative mystery" was a better phrase. At the top of the search heap was the Spec Mysticon blog, that is a very nice resource to learn about speculative mystery. The bloggist (I couldn't easily find his/her name), identified these sub-genres:

  • Science Fiction / Mystery (yeah, that's what I was looking for)
  • Supernatural Horror / Mystery
  • Fantasy / Mystery
  • Dark Fantasy / Mystery
  • Science Fiction / Supernatural Horror / Mystery
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy / Mystery
  • Dark Fantasy / Science Fiction / Mystery
The blog supports an online publication, Speculative Mystery Iconoclast. I do like the websites, but after looking at the submissions guidelines, I think the bloggist/editor/publisher needs to correct his thinking: "No Flash fiction (for now)." I can understand the difficulty with a triple-genre work like dark fantasy/science fiction/mystery. That's only 350 words per sub-sub-genre.

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