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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clash of the Titans: Google vs. Guardian

The Guardian Media Group asked the British government to look into Google's use of online newspapers' content. They claim that Google is using the information for its own news service without paying for it.

I find this interesting because when Google first introduced its excellent news search tool a few years ago, I considered using it for aggregating a specific class of stories for a news service. However, I worried about Google's stern warnings against using their news summaries in other aggregations. (Scraping is is using scripts/software to grab HTML content from the web based on content filters.) In other words, do your own scraping; don't scrape what we scraped. They went after a few web sites, then.

It seems the present issue is the same, but higher up in the news food chain.

This story gives both a summary of the issue and counter-arguments against it, from one of The Guardian's rivals, Telegraph.co.uk. I'm not taking sides. I love both of these publications.

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