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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Journalism vs. Blogging

Bernard Lunn is Chief Operating Officer at ReadWriteWeb, a highly rated blog*. In this blog article, he looks at the future of journalism, "Journalism 2.0," and its relationship to Web 2.o, particularly to blogging. FlashFictionOnline.com is a literary magazine frequented by writers and avid readers, so it is a safe bet that much of its readership is interested in blogs and blogging.

Here is the tension between bloggers and journalists:

However, the imperatives that come with running a real business tend to shift bloggers from the classic blog mode to something else. This has generated a lot of anguish among blog veterans who worry that blogging is "losing its soul." Journalists, on the other hand, face a starker, more existential threat as newspapers close shop.

Mr. Lunn gives many insights into blogging and journalism. Rather than summarize it all, I'll give his captions as teasers to the article:

  • Bloggers Becoming Journalists
  • Don't Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater
  • Begone, You Self-Interested Tech Cynics
  • Would Citizen Journalists Have Exposed Watergate?
  • Online Revenue Models for Quality Need to Evolve
  • Why Pay $2.50 to Buy a Copy of the Financial Times?
  • Monetizing Quality Online Is Harder

*Popularity of ReadWriteWeb at the time of posting, according to Technorati:
--16th by authority (number of links to ReadWriteWeb)
--23rd by number of fans

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