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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Got Backup? Wake Up Call

Your short fiction, long fiction, photos, illustrations and other digital goodies...what if they were all gone. Here is a case of an organization, AVSIM, that catered to the flight simulation community since 1996. Now, their entire collection of software add-ons, particularly for Microsoft Flight Simulator, are gone. They're out of business. They had a server and a back-up server, but a hacker destroyed them both, apparently beyond recovery. Mirror back up servers are a Good Thing, but they are connected. A separate off-site back up is needed as well. (Also, a disk volume backs up to the mirror whatever is written, so if a mistake is made on the primary volume, it is sent to the mirror volume.)

So, for writers, artists, musicians, photographers and others: back up and back up well.

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