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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Longest Story Ever Told? And the shortest.

Here is an article about a conceptual artist's publishing of a story on a generational media. (Already this article is longer than that artist's story.) He's printing a nine-word story on the cover of Opium Magazine. The tricky bit: the special ink will reveal one word of the story about every century, so the unveiling will take about twelve generations. Question: has any secret been kept (other than the recipe for Coca-Cola) for more than about two decades?

BONUS!: here is a collection of some 6-word science fiction stories by notable science fiction writers (and William Shatner, too). I found this via "annepin's" post on the Hatrack Writers' Forum. I don't dare paste any of the stories here; one word would exceed "fair use" standards. I've probably violated several of them by accident. (Should I have omitted all instances of the in this article?) This puts those epic twitter stories to shame.


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