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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Twitterzine Roundup

There are some new twitterzines. I've listed some below with a short description of what they publish (taken from the twitter bio and/or their web page info). They're shown starting with the most-recent start dates (approximately). The ones showcased are Nanoism (literary & genre), TweetTheMeat (horror), Escarp (poetry and prose), Outshine (optimistic, near future prose) and the granddaddy, Thaumatrope (genre fiction).

In addition, there is The Drabblecast, an audio fiction podcast for short stories "at the far side of the weird" but who also tweets stories that are exactly 100-characters in length once per week. Jake Freivald, FFO's editor-in-chief, has two audio podcasts there [drabblecast 97 and 102].

Bio A new, paying twitterzine for thoughtful nanofiction.

Accepts all genres. However, we are most interested in literary fiction—stories that move us with their writing, stories that stay with us longer than the few seconds it takes to read them. Fret not, we do have a soft spot for science fiction, fantasy, and other genres, but we are looking for stories with staying power: stories that leave an impression disproportionate to their length. We’ll also take a look at prose poetry, so long as it contains elements of character, plot, and—most importantly—motion.

Bio: Twitter Horrorzine. Fear in 140 characters or less.

Horror/weird/speculative market that opened in May, 2009.)

Bio escarp is a selective, twitter-based review of brief poetry and prose. Visit escarp.org for guidelines.

Bio: Twitterzine for optimistic, near future prose poems: flashforwards

Bio Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters

The Drabblecast
Stories of exactly 100-characters, "on the far side of the weird," weekly.

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