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Friday, June 12, 2009

Ralan Adds Flashzines and Twitterzines Categories

Ralan.com is a site that's useful to readers and writers for finding literary magazines of interest and learning their status (such as story submission status or publishing status) and long-term or short-term publishing themes.

The familiar user interface seems to be in a transition, but two new categories have appeared of interest to fans of flash and shorter fiction: flashzines and twitterzines. FlashFictionOnline.com is in the flashzine section, of course. The sections will probably expand since they've just been added in the last day or two. Other sections include Pro, Semi-Pro, paying, 4theLuv, book, anthologies and others. These categories overlap. For example, FlashFictionOnline.com pays pro rates, but because Ralan also separates publications by size, FFO is now in the Flashzine section. This may cause some confusion regarding pay rates, but I think this organization has more advantages than disadvantages. It certainly is a boon to flash fiction fans. (I suppose they could put links from the pay-rate categories to the size-of-publication categories.)

Since the site is in transition, I've only linked to the Ralan home page.

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