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Friday, June 5, 2009

Space-y News

Two items by way of SlashDot.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is not for sissies. You can win $30 million. That's good. But you have to land a robot craft on the lunar surface where it must travel 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send images and data back to the Earth. Here's the not-for-sissies part: teams must be at least 90% privately funded. Ouch.

The slashdot article writer also pointed out concern that the artifacts of human landing on the moon (such as Neil Armstrong's footprints) should be preserved. There is another prize for photographs of human artifacts on the moon. [Is this NOT a hint that it was all a hoax. Sheesh.]

Zero Gravity Wedding: this will be a near-space event, but will be at zero-gravity. The link is a personal wedding blog, but is different. It even has a press kit. "The weightless experience" will be provided by Zero G Corp, via a parabolic flight.

You heard it here first! The Flash Fiction Online Faster-than-Light Wedding Prize: we offer a $5 (U.S., Canadian or Australian dollars, we don't care) for the first wedding to be performed in a spaceship going faster-than-light. I haven't approved this with Jake, the editor-in-chief, so I'll front the money in the meantime.

The small print for the FTL wedding prize: no zeros to the prize money are explicitly stated or implied. It is $5 (five dollars) in 2009 or future dollars, whichever has the least purchasing power. To save postage, the prize will be paid via PayPal. The prize may be collected ONLY ONE TIME! No going back in time through black holes or flying around the planet real fast to collect the prize multiple times. The total payout will be $5, tops. Once the time-certified 5$ is paid out, it is gone. No tricks, please.

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