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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twitpocalypse Now

Captain and intelligence officer Ben Willard wiped the gin from his chin as two superior army officers arrived at his hotel room to deliver him to a new, dangerous mission.

"Where are you inserting me?" said Willard.

One of the officers looked at his iPhone to get his instructions.

"Oh, dear me," said the war-weary officer, since FFO is a family magazine.

"What?" said Willard, who was always suspicious of higher officers.

"The message is coded...YAJL. I wonder what that means."

"Lemme look," said Willard. He snatched the iPhone and gasped. "That's no code. It's the twitpopcalypse! We're doomed."

To be continued...maybe.

The twitpopcalypse (which is incredibly difficult to type without error) has affected some twitter clients. In geekspeak, the unique number assigned to each tweet recently exceeded the range of unsigned 32-bit integers...the number of tweets got too big. Considering the little time the twittersphere has been with us, its popularity far exceeded the software developer's expectation. According to this twitpopcalypse article, the fix is easy but some users will be tweetless for a short time.

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