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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hi-Res Moonwalk Video to Be Released

Do you remember NASA's embarrassing 2006 episode of the missing video tapes of the moonwalk? These were high-resolution video recordings. The images seen back home on television were reduced resolution (a standard TV camera recording off a hi-res monitor, BION). The cited Wiki article is a bit confusing because of serial editing, but in June of this year the tapes were found in a Perth, Australia storage site. One tricky bit is that the video recording format is so old that restoration was difficult.

:drum roll: NASA has announced it will hold a briefing on Thursday (July 16, 2009) to release the restored Apollo 11 moonwalk video.

Two interpretations:
--Our space enthusiasts: Yah!
--Our cynical curmudgeons: why'd it take Disney so long to produce these tapes?

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