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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

News News

News about the news:

RIP: Don Hewitt, creator of CBS's "60 Minutes" has died.

In a somewhat related story: Dan Rather is still suing "60 Minutes" over the contested document ("Memogate") that Rather used during then-President Bush's re-election campaign to question his military record : 2009 suit and 2007 suit.

RIP: Walter Cronkite (who Dan Rather replaced upon retirement) has died. Cronkite is often linked to Rather in terms of the legacy of CBS.

Here is a piece that shows the tension among these people, but keep in mind that this is about comments made by Rather's biographer, not the journalist, so you'll have to consider the potential bias (more than usual).

Unrelated, another news icon:
RIP: Robert Novak, cable news commentator and news columnist has died.

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