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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Science: an Inexact Science

Here are a couple of articles that invite hard science fiction stories, both from PhysOrg.com:

Orbital mechanics
: we're used to quantum physics and other edgy sciences to play badly and make us rewrite the textbooks. But the basics of orbital mechanics go back centuries. PhysOrg reports a Jupiter-like planet (but tens-time larger) with a one-earth day orbital period around its star (i.e., its year is one earth day) . It is very unlikely that we would see such a planet since it most likely would have spiraled into its star. We may see evidence that this is happening to the planet within a decade. Here is the story.

Thermodynamics: in another PhysOrg article, the second law states that entropy can only increase or stay the same, which leads to a paradox concerning the reversal of time. A new theory proposes that entropy can decrease, but it erases any evidence of its existence:

Entropy can decrease, according to a new proposal - but the process would destroy any evidence of its existence, and erase any memory an observer might have of it. It sounds like the plot to a weird sci-fi movie, but the idea has recently been suggested by theoretical physicist Lorenzo Maccone.

This makes it more than difficult for physicist to study it.

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