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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sob Story: Why a Broken Heart Really Hurts

"Sob Story "

Brad Mondopecks took Marla Sobinski by her quivering shoulders. "I want ya. I need ya. Ain't no way I'm ever gonna love ya. But two outta three ain't bad, baby."

Marla's eyes welled up with tears. "My mu-opioid receptor genes really hurt, now."

"Baby, your social attachment system may have borrowed some of the mechanisms of your pain system to maintain social connections."

Marla looked up at Brad's square jaw, and socked it. "They still hurt anyway, you [censored]."

The End

Yes, your broken heart really does hurt. To find out the connection between physical pain and social pain, go to this The Telegraph (UK) article on social pain.

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