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Friday, September 4, 2009

Heinlein Short Story Contest Winners

By way of SF Scope: the winners of the Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Story Short Contest have been announced. The Heinlein Society promotes all things Heinlein, including this contest:

Three prizes will be given for the best original short stories
reflecting the spirit, ideas, and philosophies of Robert Anson

The winners include two Americans and a Brit who collectively have a JD, almost a PhD, a BSc in marine biology, and one is a software engineer (no degree mentioned but may well have one):

  • 1st Place, "Under the Shouting Sky," by Karl Bunker.
  • 2nd Place, "In the Shadows," by (Ms.) Charlie Allery
  • 3rd Place, "Salvage Sputnik," by Sam S. Kepfield

If you're considering entering this contest in the future, here is a hint from THS president David Silver:

"Bunker's story perfectly captures the quintessential Heinlein story of quiet heroism and duty fulfilled whatever the personal price."

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