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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Contents of a SF/Fantasy High School Course

SlashDot.org is a geeky blog with moderated submissions by a core team. Anyone can submit an article for consideration by the core team or comment on other posts. If you comment anonymously, your name will be "Anonymous Coward." The blog is eclectic, but open source (especially Linux & BSD) software, space science, game platforms and SF movies and television rule.

Also ruling are the love-to-hate topics, such as Microsoft and patents, especially software patents. Mention a game and you'll get a couple hundred comments. Say something nice about Microsoft or Bill Gates and you'll get 500 comments.

In the past (and perhaps still), if your web site was mentioned on SlashDot (/.), you'd be "slashdotted," meaning you're puny web server would be overwhelmed by visitors from SlashDot. That was a Good Thing, to most. Yeah, you were shut down with interest, but in the long haul, you'd have some new visitors if you had something to offer.

Today, someone posted a question about the content of a high school science fiction/fantasy course. At the time of this post, there were about 850 comments. Here is the link to SlashDot's high school SF/F course contents.


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