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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slashed to death? An Apology from the Web Gods

How many times have you cursed the web gods when your browser went astray after you mangled the web address/URL by omitting the two slashes (strokes) or using the accursed backslashes? How many times have you had to take a cough drop after telling someone a URL: "it's ach tee tee pee colon backslash backslash...no, freakin' Microsoft...that's forward slash forward slash gee oh oh gee ell ee dot cee oh em....What, you want me to repeat it? That's ach tee tee colon forward slash....forget it.

Modern browsers have helped by automatically inserting the slashes/strokes, but they still lower our "user experience."

One of the top web gods would like to apologize for the web URL slashes. The slashes/strokes weren't really needed. Sorry about that. (Give the guy a break. As the Australian IT article suggest, the guy invented the world wide web and deserves a Nobel Prize.)

It's good that he's a Brit. If he were an American, we'd be suffering from constant class action suit commercials on the television.

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