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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SFRevu Review of Flash Fiction Online

SFRevu has a review of the October 2009 Flash Fiction Online edition. The FFO October edition will be here until the November issue is published; then it will be here.

Here is what review Sam Tamaino had to say about "Death Babies," one of the flash fiction stories in that addition:

"Death Babies" by S. Craig Renfroe, Jr is a chilling tale about a town besieged by what they call death babies. Death babies appear after someone has been dead and buried. They look much like regular babies except they have leathery skin. If you show one any affection, it will latch on to you and never let go, as one woman finds out. A well-done little nasty for Halloween!

Sam also reviewed these publications:

  • Abyss & Apex Issue 32: 4th Quarter 2009
  • Interzone - Issue #224
  • Jim Baen's Universe October 2009
  • Kaleidotrope – Issue 7 - October 2009
  • New Genre - Summer 2009 - Volume i Number VI
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction December 2009

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