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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making an eBook

We can all save a file as a PDF and declare it an eBook, but for book publishers, it's a different matter. They still have book design issues, such as fonts, page design, illustrations, cover art...like a printed book. For an eBook that's being poised for sale at a cost in the neighborhood of a print book, the main differences from print publishing are the cost of production and distribution. The other headaches remain.

Here is the first post of a series on the making of an eBook. The subject matter of the book happens to be poetry because the author of the blog post on eBOOKNEWSER (GalleyCat), Craig Morgan Teicher, is also the author of the poetry volume. He'll watch each stage of his publisher's process and report them on his blog. I'll try to keep up with it and post notices when there's a new article in the series.

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