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Friday, April 23, 2010

Flash Fiction For Sale

Out of curiosity, I did a search for "flash fiction" at a certain Humongous Online Bookstore and was surprised to find 116 titles, many with "Flash Fiction," "Very Short Fiction" or some such in the title. Some were alternate editions--older or e-Book editions--but a substantial number were unique. These included fiction collections and non-fiction (how to write flash fiction) books.

Only towards the very end of the list did I suspect that Humongous Online Bookstore was messing with me and would never declare the search at an end until I bought something. (No, War and Peace is not an extremely long flash story.)

Below are some of the titles. This isn't an endorsement. These appeared in the first page of the search. The first on the list is one of Flash Fiction Online editor Jake Freivald's favorites. (Okay, that sounded a little bit like an endorsement.)

  • The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field by Tara L Masih
  • Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories by Robert Shapard and James Thomas
  • Fifty-One Flash Fiction Stories by Louise Michelle
  • Thieves and Scoundrels: Absolute XPress Flash Fiction Challenge #3 by Pete 'Patch' Alberti, Krista D. Ball, James Beamon, and Jodi Cleghorn
  • Nano-Flash Fiction for (Humongous Online Bookstore's famous e-Book reader) by James Dillingham
  • A Brief History of Fables: From Aesop to Flash Fiction (Brief Histories) by Lee Rourke
  • Oh Baby: Flash Fictions and Prose Poetry by Kim Chinquee
  • Six Sentences by Robert McEvily
  • The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: Flash Fiction from Contemporary China by Shouhua Qi
  • ....

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