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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Automatic Research Papers

A scary story. A group a MIT has a program, SciGEN that automatically creates random computer science research papers with citations. They've had some papers accepted for lower-level technical conferences. One paper was accepted at an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) conference. If you understand what the IEEE is, you will be alarmed. This has the potential of driving conference editors insane with bogus research papers that sound very convincing. The MIT group reckons this a holy mission to expose bogus conferences, but their tool is now in the wild. You can create a research paper online simply by providing up to five authors' names. (See a snippet of "my" paper below, with three silly names.). The MIT group reports some fascinating correspondence related to one paper acceptance.

Writers have to worry about fiction editors' workloads if auto-writing is applied to fiction. Fortunately (and unfortunately) editors legendarily reject most stories before the 14th line. (And let's not forget our poor educators.)

The bloggist's recent research paper (snippet) with 34th citation; the bloggist has an MS CS and can assure you that this is utter nonsense:

A Methodology for the Emulation of Local-Area Networks
Flash Rider, Short Fictive and Too Fu Wurds

Abstract: Recent advances in “smart” symmetries and relational models collude in order to realize consistent hashing. Given the current status of client-server models, biologists dubiously desire the understanding of voice-over-IP. In this work we propose an analysis of evolutionary programming (Soar), which we use to argue that the famous event-driven algorithm for the deployment of object-oriented languages by Bhabha et al. follows a Zipf-like distribution.
[34] Zheng, D. Deconstructing 4 bit architectures. In
Proceedings of the Workshop on Cooperative, Self-
Learning Modalities (Mar. 2000).

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