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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Helpful Hint: Online Storage

According to Wired, Google has hinted at but not delivered the Gdrive, a service that provides you online file storage. If you're asking, "why do I care?" then you've not lost a manuscript through human error or machine failure. I'm just sayin'...it could happen to you.

Fine, but Gdrive is vaporware, you say, and you're in a hurry because of the manuscript-loss thing. Lifehacker suggests that if you're a bit of a hacker, then you can use some clever, free software to turn free gmail accounts into a virtual drive (sorry, Windows only). The software transparently stores your data using free gmail accounts while appearing to your computer as a mountable file system (g: drive would be appropriate). As the bloggist points out, Google could break this by changing their e-mail service a bit, until the software was tweaked for the change. Apparently, you would not lose the e-mails containing your data.

Third option (cough): you could just send yourself an email on your gmail account with a manuscript file attached (and refrain from deleting it).

None of those sexy enough? Well, you could use continuous moon-bounce communications to keep your data hovering in space between the earth and moon by making a wireless stringy-floppy. Nah, the moon's surface is an unreliable reflector. Maybe you could use NASA's corner reflectors. No, the moon-landing was a hoax. And there is the minor problem of daily total data loss when the moon is over the horizon. Never mind.

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