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Friday, January 9, 2009

Free Lecture on MLK from The Teaching Company

The Teaching Company has an amazing amount of great stuff, and sometimes they publish lectures for free. They've had excellent, topical, timely lectures on the Olympics and the election of the Pope, for example.

I just got an email that read as follows:
No individual is more synonymous with the strength, spirit, and success of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s than Martin Luther King, Jr. But what were the inspirations for his beliefs in equal rights and nonviolent resistance? As a thank you for being our customer and in honor of Black History Month, here is a free audio lecture: Martin Luther King, Jr.: Stride Toward Freedom, delivered by award-winning Professor Dennis Dalton of Barnard College, Columbia University....

Professor Dalton is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University. A scholar of classical and modern political theory, nonviolence and violence in society, and ideologies of modern political movements, he is the author of Indian Idea of Freedom and Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolent Power in Action. Professor Dalton has been honored with numerous teaching awards, scholarships, and grants, including the 2008 Barnard Commendation for Excellence in Teaching award and a Gandhi Peace Foundation grant.

It sounds like it'll be live until Monday, February 2, and I'm encouraged to send it to all my friends, too -- so here you go. Enjoy.

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