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Friday, March 5, 2010

Trekkie-Zombie Mashup

We interrupt this post for an important announcement: The March 2010 issue of Flash Fiction Online is, well, online. It has three new, excellent stories by Daniel José Older, Caroline M. Yoachim and Andrew Gudgel, plus a classic story, and Bruce Holland Rogers' Short-Short Sighted monthly column.

Now back to our regular posting:

Yikes. Kevin David Anderson has contracted to write a Trekkie/Zombie apocalypse mashup, called Night of the Living Trekkies. Will Mr. Anderson be able to safely attend a Trekkie convention after this? He has published widely in magazines, anthologies and podcasts. My apologies for my earlier misreporting of the actual author of this work. Good luck with this project.

Die hard and prosper, dead Trekkies!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Buy Gene Roddenberry's Mac Computer

By way of Slashdot: you may participate in an auction for Gene Roddenberry's Mac computer. The auctioneer say it was the first Mac Plus off the assembly line, but Technologer disputes that, saying it is an original Mac upgraded to a Mac Plus. (They don't dispute Roddenberry's ownership of it.)

The auctioneer says the value is in the $800-$1200 range, but one would guess it will go for much more. The auction site is interesting, graphically and otherwise. It specializes in items with historical provenance (including entertainment industry items like M. Jackson gloves). It has a clever but annoyingly slow film projector motif to show featured items. A search will go more quickly.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Movie (2009)

A survey of review snippets provided by Rotten Tomatoes, a film review site, indicates that "Star Trek" (2009) has exceeded expectations. The snippets have links to the full reviews. My feel from these reviews and others is that the reviewers have not worried if trekkies will by offended by a new or missing this-or-that. The reviewers are not saying it is just an adequate me-too sequel. Some are calling it "great" or "moving," even.

Fast-moving, funny, exciting warp-speed entertainment and, heaven help me, even quite moving - the kind of film that shows that, like it or not, commercial cinema can still deliver a sledgehammer punch. It sure didn't feel like a trek to me. --Peter Bradshaw, Guardian (UK)

What is clear from many reviews is that the filmmakers, though they had the familiar characters, were not shackled to the past TV series or movies. The characters, due to a time shift, have different past histories and so can behave unexpectedly. They also are resigned to cope with the time change rather than somehow reversing it.

Here is a full review, as a reality check, from the curmudgeonly NYT.

Note bene: I haven't seen the film yet....

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Klingon Opera

Floris Schönfeld is a Dutch artist who has been developing a Klingon-language opera called “ ’u’. " The apostrophes are part of the opera's name; the author is 26, you see. For those of you younger than the author, the opera is inspired by the "fierce warrior race" of the “Star Trek" TV series. Apparently, fans have expanded the Klingon language over time from the series' and movies' hints and the author has furthered that research.

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