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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hemingway a Spy?

The Guardian (UK) reports on a book that claims Ernest Hemingway was a spy...maybe, sort of. The Yale University Press book was based on notes that one of the co-authors made when "given access in the 90s to Stalin-era intelligence archives in Moscow." Two theories were provided: Hemingway was a willing but ineffectual spy (coughed up no useful information from his travels) or was using the KGB to research a novel. To make the matter more confusing, the article notes that Hemingway was a patriot in his patrolling of the gulf waters north of Cuba for U-boats, cough, spotting only one.

I'll offer other options, since the book was inconclusive:
1. the KGB officer who "recruited" Hemingway never made contact; he was trying to get a raise.
2. Hemingway was recruiting the KGB officer; the KGB officer had to report the opposite, of course.
3. Hemingway just nodded in agreement with the agent because he was embarrassed that he didn't speak Russian.
4. The book authors and the Guardian are in a conspiracy against moi, to make me out of fool (too late, dudes).

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