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Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame has announced its inductees for 2009. Inductions will be held on June 27. The inductees are:

Connie Willis, who has won ten Hugos and six Nebulas. Willis most recently won a Hugo Award for All Seated on the Ground (August 2008). She most often explores the "soft" or social sciences, weaving technology into her stories only to prompt readers to question what impact it has on the world. She's also known for her comedy of manners style of writing.

Michael Whelan is a multiple-award-winning American artist of imaginative realism, specializing in science fiction and fantasy, before devoting all his work to his fine art career. His art has appeared on over 350 book and magazine covers, including many Stephen King novels, Del Rey editions of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, and many others.

Viennese-born Frank Rudolph Paul (April 18, 1884 - June 29, 1963) was an illustrator of US pulp magazines in the science fiction field. Paul painted 38 covers for Amazing Stories from April 1926 to June 1929 and 7 for the Amazing Stories Annual and Quarterly, and accumulated many more credits.

Edward Ferman is an American science fiction and fantasy fiction editor and magazine publisher. He took over as editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from his father in 1964 until selling it to Gordon Van Gelder in 2000. Ferman received the Hugo Award for Best Professional Editor three years in a row, from 1981 through 1983.

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