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Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Make a Book

You've always wanted to make and bind a book because it looked like fun? Or you've given up on publishing that 20-year-old trunk novel of yours? Or you want please your relatives with a gift of your mother's or grandmother's mind-numbingly awful poetry, or you own brilliant, misunderstood and under-appreciated poetry? Here is a blog post on how to make a book by semi-anonymous "EB" at The Olive Reader blog of Harper Perennial. I'd put that article more in the inspirational than how-to category, but it has pictures of her/his project and a link to a how-to book. I've seen several similar books in bookstore craft sections. (Careful, or you could find yourself in legal turmoil if you pick up a book on the wrong kind of bookmaking.)

Here is a terse but perhaps adequate explanation on the web on how to make a book. Here is a more elaborate presentation on the process of bookmaking. This article was the basis of an article in Make magazine, an eclectic and excellent source for (often geeky) make-it-yourself projects, and so is likely of high-quality.

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