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Monday, November 2, 2009

iPhone: Book Apps Surpass Game Apps

For the last year or so, game application releases were the top category of iPhone apps, according to Venture Beat. Now, iPhone book app releases are exceeding game apps. Keep in mind that this refers to the release of applications for sale rather than sales of applications, where, in this case, the release of a book in iPhone format is an application. This opens more questions than it answers. What sort of books are being released? Out-of-print? New releases? Best sellers or mid-list? It is a relatively simple matter to release a book for an iPhone compared to developing and releasing a new or existing game for the iPhone platform. There is a huge pent-up supply of books (which is a separate matter from pent-up desire for purchase), so one would expect this trend to continue for some time.

Related: Barnes & Noble releases the Nook eBook reader, their response to the Amazon Kindle. Their play is a second color screen for control and more eBook format support.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magazines on iPhone

You may now view many magazines via an iPhone or iTouch. For example, Zinio is offering 20 mainstream magazines such as Car & Driver, Technology Review, and Woman's Day for free (but I'd read for now into that).

More interestingly, though, are some magazines created specifically for this platform, such as this one reported by SF Crowsnest: a '20s and '30s-inspired pulp fiction magazine called Steampunk Tales. The first issue includes contributions by Jay Lake and others. Here is the SF Crowsnest write-up and the Steampunk Tales website.

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