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Friday, November 13, 2009

Worst Library Books Blog

The Awful Library Books blog is not about ripping authors' writing; it is about the books that should have been retired long ago, because they're out of date. They tend to be non-fiction books that are a bit long in the tooth. Recent examples on the blog include a career guide to getting a phonograph record company job--you know--pressing the hot wax. There are probably three, maybe four jobs on the planet doing that. The blog gives brief descriptions of the books and some nice retro book cover and sample page images. Another example is a twirling book. I think girls still twirl batons, but the illustrations are pleasingly retro. Of course, there are the computer books showing explicit photos of--you might want sit down--a floppy diskette.

A writer at Detroit Free Press, Korie Wilkins, points out that there's a serious side to this blog, that's received a lot of world-wide attention and submissions. According to the bloggists:

"Libraries are losing funds and staff. This is also a way for us to advocate for libraries and librarians."

In other words, library patrons become disenchanted when they have to slog through twenty now-pointless books before finding a useful one (if any).

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