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Monday, July 27, 2009

Scribe Awards Winners--Media Tie-In

According to the International Association of Media Tie-Writers (IAMTW) web site, the Scribe Awards are for the 'overlooked' writers of media tie-in fiction. The writers write licensed works (i.e., not fan fic):

Our books are original tie-in novels, comic books and short stories based on existing characters from movie, TV series, books, games, and cartoons... or they are novelizations (books based on screenplays for movies and TV shows).

The IAMTW sponsors the Scribe Awards for media tie-in writiers. Their nominees for the Scribe Awards are on the IAMTW/Scribe web site. At the time of posting of this article, IAMTW had not posted the winners, but several other web sites gleaned the information from press releases. SF Awards Watch has posted all the winners. They report that the best speculative fiction original work is: Star Trek Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers by James Swallow.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hulu Bests Fox with Simpsons in Advertising Rates

This is not a bellwether event, perhaps, since demographics plays such a vital part in interpreting it, but the cost of advertising during "The Simpsons" is now higher on Internet service Hulu.com and TV.com than on the Fox network by about twice. This PC World article (by way of SlashDot) exposes other issues which make interpretation difficult: 37 seconds of advertising during an online show versus 9 minutes during a TV/cable broadcast, smaller online viewing audience, and others. No doubt, the chins of many network executives are being scratched contemplatively.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Syfy Sysified Sci Fi? President of Sci Fi Channel Answers

Over at Sci Fi Wire, the story about the name change of the Sci Fi Channel to SyFy generated about 1000 comments (mostly negative). I only wrote 850 of them...no, nary a one did I write. Sci Fi Wire questioned Sci Fi Channel president Dave Howe. The main motivation seemed to be branding and expansion to other markets. You can't brand "Sci Fi" anywhere, he says. You may find the rest of the conversation interesting. The rest of the logo "Imagine Greater" seems to follow a recent trend of catchy but ungrammatical phrases.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paul Harvey, Dead at 90

Iconic American news commentator Paul Harvey has died at the age of 90. He worked for 50 years in radio and television. Speaking of Paul Harvey's pioneering, his son said, “My father and mother created from thin air what one day became radio and television news." He is popularly known for his distinctive voice and his "And that's...the rest of the story" close to his similarly named radio feature.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Simon and Schuster's Crossword Puzzle Play

This topic is an example of the expanding influence of the Internet on traditional media noted in today's earlier post. Simon and Schuster is offering a daily crossword puzzle application for iPhones and iPod Touches. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. However, the syndicates of puzzles and games for daily newspapers can jump all over this, if they haven't already.

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Listen to the Doctorow: Internet's Transformation of Popular Media

Cory Doctorow is a Sci-Fi writer and uber-Internet citizen, as editor of BoingBoing, the number one blog on the Internet according to Technorati's top 100. Here is his take on how the Internet will affect various media, including newspapers (in big trouble), big-budget movies, music and books. Regarding newspapers, he says:
The imminent collapse of the American newspaper industry has spawned entire gazeteers' worth of high-minded handwringing about the social value of newspapers and the social harm that their disappearance will unleash. It's probably all true. I love the smudgy old devils, from the headlines to the funny pages....
Regarding books:

...First, the quantity and variety of titles carried outside of bookstores has radically declined, thanks to the rise of national big-box chain stores, who do all ordering from a centralized database....

The other problem is that we're increasingly conditioned to read short blocks of text...in radically different form than you generally find between covers. Combine this with the sheer amount of read-for-pleasure text available at one-click's distance on the Net, and even those of us who worship books find ourselves reading fewer of them....

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