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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

Yes, Virginia, of course there are puzzles to be solved. And there are Egyptians and Scottish Rite Freemasons and other ancient lore...this time in America.

This muted comment, from the L.A. Times reviewer, seems to be a common thread in generally positive reviews of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, the long-awaited sequel to The Da Vinci Code:

...And yet, it's hard to imagine anyone, after reading "The Lost Symbol," debating about Freemasonry in Washington, D.C., the way people did Brown's radical vision of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in "Code." That book hit a deep cultural nerve for obvious reasons; "The Lost Symbol" is more like the experience on any roller coaster -- thrilling, entertaining and then it's over.

Here is Mr. review of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wiretapping for Writers and Readers

Wiretapping, to use a generic term that includes wired, wireless and other means of snooping, is a commonplace part of thrillers, mysteries and other genres. (Has anyone wiretapped an ansible, yet?) Here is a concise article on wiretapping, that includes modern forms (such as IP/Internet Protocol tapping) and addresses some of the ethical/legal aspects of it. The article has some related sidebar articles on data collection/sensing technology used in mobile phone systems and DRM (digital rights management).

By the way, the article is in acmqueue, one of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM's) publications. ACM is a respected professional organization for engineers in the computing industry.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Can Frankenstein Save New Orleans?

If you've followed Dean Koontz's series of Frankenstein novels, you may be happy to know that he's finally publishing the third of the series, Dead and Alive, after much wrangling from his fans. It's arriving in the bookstores any day now. Here is a synopsis of Dead and Alive from Dean Koontz's Frankenstein web site.

This is the first of the series that Koontz wrote alone, according to the Wikipedia article about the series. The first, Prodigal Son, was co-written with Kevin J. Anderson. The second, City of Night, was co-written with Ed Gorman. The Wikipedia article has a very brief synopsis of the series.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Thriller Awards Winners

Flash Fiction Online receives thrillers occasionally in its slush pile. The International Thriller Writers have announced the 2009 Thriller Awards winners. They include:

  • Best Thriller of the Year: THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND, Jeffery Deaver (Simon & Schuster)
  • Best First Novel: CHILD 44, Tom Rob Smith (Grand Central Publishing)
  • Best Short Story: THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, Alexandra Sokoloff (in Darker Mask)

You can see the short list of nominees and previous winners, here.

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