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Friday, November 27, 2009

Van Gogh's Complete Letters

This is not particularly a fiction post, but rather something for anyone interested in literature and the arts. The Guardian online (UK) has a review of an exhaustive translation of Van Gogh's letters and letters received by him. He wrote often, particularly to his brother, Theo. His letters apparently are quite revealing about his creative process:

"In its capaciousness, the book also reminds us of a fundamental truth about Van Gogh: his ambition as a painter depended on words to give it focus and direction. We see this most obviously in the correspondence with Theo...."

The books contain the original letters (902) up to day he shot himself, a translation into English (or other languages) and exhaustive annotations about the letters. The set of books is expensive, about $600 USD, but they may be viewed online: Van van Gogh--The Letters, including a guide and an index of the letters.

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