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Flash Fiction Online's 100th Issue Countdown & Subscription Drive

In January 2022, Flash Fiction Online will be publishing our 100th issue!

To celebrate this milestone, from September 24 – December 31, 2021, we’ll be highlighting each of our previous issues as we count down to Issue #100, which will be released on January 1, 2022 and running a subscription drive that will help us continue publishing amazing fiction through 2022!
As a small press publisher, we’re dedicated to paying our authors professional rates for their work, in accordance with SFWA guidelines. We’re also committed to keeping our flash fiction online, where everyone can read and enjoy it. To do this, we need your support.
We are hoping to raise $10,000 between Sept 24 and Dec 31, the equivalent of 100 Super Subscriptions. At $8,500, all 12 issues of 2022 will be fully funded. After that, donations will be used to fund additional goals, including paying staff stipends, paying for website upgrades, and — if we reach 100% of our goal — we will be raising our rates for original stories purchased in 2022 from 8c/word to 9c/word.
As we meet our benchmarks, we’ll be sharing some our favorite authors reading some of our favorite stories as part of our 100th Issue Reading Series on our YouTube channel (see more info below!)
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Become a 2022 Super Subscriber!

If you’re a fan of our boldbrief, and beautiful fiction, we hope you’ll consider purchasing a 2022 SUPER SUBSCRIPTION. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to publish amazing stories by talented writers… plus you’ll receive the following benefits (details listed below)

  • 12 monthly issues (+ a vote in our first FFO Reader Awards!)
  • bonus content from our authors
  • live events on our Discord server
  • one FFO annual anthology
  • your choice of one ebook from an author or  staff member
  • entry to our $100 gift card giveaway
Can’t purchase a subscription right now? Any amount donated via PayPal Sept 24 – Dec 31 will count toward our goals and will qualify you to vote on the final ballot of our very first FFO Reader Awards (see more info below)!

2022 Super Subscriber Benefits

"ONE HUNDRED"-Themed Issue

Calling all writers!

In celebration of our upcoming 100th issue of Flash Fiction Online, we’re looking for stories on the theme of “ONE HUNDRED.” Give us stories of centenarians on adventures! Tell us tales of a hundred-year storm! Raise the temperature to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit? Celsius?)! Write us a story that takes place in 100 seconds! The possibilities are endless — they just have to somehow involve the number 100 in a way that’s integral to the story.

This submission window will be open during the same time frames as our regular monthly window (1st – 21st) until October 21.

Flash Fiction Online pays $80 per story for first electronic rights for original (previously unpublished) fiction and 2c/word for non-exclusive electronic rights for previously published stories which are no longer bound by contractual obligations to a publisher.

FFO Author Reading Series

As part of our countdown celebration, we’ve invited our previous authors to help us put together a reading series that features all our favorite flash fiction, read by our favorite flash fiction authors!

Upcoming videos include:

  • Katherine Crighton reads “Your Hand in Mine, We’ll Be All Right”
  • Kim Henderson reads “Vaquera” (at 5% funded)
  • Lynette Majia reads “Now Watch as Belinda Unmakes the World” (at 10% funded)
  • Matt Dovey reads “Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds” (at 15% funded)
  • Matthew F. Amati reads “To Comfort the Headless Child” (at 20% funded)
  • … and more!


For the first time ever, our readers will to have the opportunity to let us know which stories published in the previous year were their absolute favorites!

The preliminary ballot will be available to all our readers from Dec 1-29. Finalists will be announced at our December 30 kaffeeklatsch.

The final ballot will be available to our Patreons, new 2022 Super Subscribers, and anyone who donates via PayPal from Jan 1-21.

Some categories to look forward to:

  • best original science fiction story
  • best original fantasy story
  • best original horror story
  • best original literary story
  • best reprint story
  • best magazine cover
  • best opening line
  • best flash story published elsewhere

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