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Kickstart your creative process with 365 unique writing prompts brought to you by the editors of Flash Fiction Online.

You may want to use these prompts as an intensive challenge, writing a flash piece every day for 365 days. Or you may want to read through a week’s worth of prompts and either combine them or find one that really speaks to you to write a weekly story. Or you may just want to pick this book up whenever you’re feeling low on inspiration and need some help coming up with something fresh. 

Every writer’s process is different and some formats may inspire some writers more than others, so with that in mind, we’ve tried to include a variety of different types of writing prompts. We also tried to develop prompts that would be broad enough for each writer to interpret in their own way. We’ve included some prompts that lend themselves more easily to certain genres, but overall, this book is meant to inspire you and help you see more possibilities, not box you in or limit your vision.

Some prompts involve word lists, photos, quotations, or questions. Others will ask you to combine certain elements to make your story. Your stories do not have to use every element exactly; these prompts are merely meant to spark ideas. For instance, your story does not need to use all seven words we’ll give you in a word list; you can choose as many or as few as you like. Photo-inspired stories do not have to be a literal explanation of what’s happening in the image; you can use the aesthetic of the photo or find a small detail to examine under a closer lens. Let these prompts be a starting point for your mind to wander and explore!