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In this month’s issue:

– “Editorial: Beyond Repair” by Wendy Nikel

– “Machine Love” by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill

– “Art of War” by Mira Jiang

– “The Songs Her Mother Used to Sing” by Aimee Ogden

– “Fifteen Minutes Past the End” by T. R. Siebert

Flash Fiction Online offers readers flash fiction stories from more established, award-winning authors and newer writers just emerging in the fiction story-scape. We publish literary, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, in a delicious mix of interesting characters, tantalizing plots, and wonderful world-building.  Flash fiction might be small, but each story packs an entire story arc into only a thousand words or fewer. Whether you call this art form a short-short, a micro-fiction, a drabble, or a smokelong, it spans all genres and literary styles.