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The Flash Fiction Online 2021 Anthology contains 48 short stories from both new and established writers plus bonus content from the authors. Edited by Wendy Nikel, the Flash Fiction Online 2021 Anthology spans multiple genres – literary, science fiction, fantasy, and horror -all of which deliver interesting characters, tantalizing plots, and fantastical world-building. Read behind-the-scenes interviews and learn the story behind the story from some of your favorite 2021 authors.

Flash fiction might be small, but each story packs an entire story arc into only a thousand words or fewer. Whether you call this art form a short-short, a micro-fiction, a drabble, or a smokelong, it spans all genres and literary styles.

The 2021 anthology includes:

Beth Cato, Sara Chansarkar, Saswati Chatterjee, Emmie Christie, Elizabeth Cleland, Deborah Davitt, Kristi DeMeester, Peter S. Drang, Steve DuBois, Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Steven Fischer, Adam Fout, Beth Goder, Sarah Grey, Shane Halbach, A.M. Hardy, Sylvia Heike, Jennifer Hudak, Marissa James, Mira Jiang, Ruth Joffre, William Paul Jones, Joy Kennedy-O’Neill, Hastings Kidd, Andrew Kozma, Marissa Lingen, Linda Niehoff, Aimee Ogden, Andy Oldfield, Anjali Patel, Sarah Pauling, Aimee Picchi, Ike Quigley, Taylor Rae, Kyle Richardson, Kelly Sandoval, Damon Shaw, T.R. Siebert, Fatima Taqvi, Kristina Ten, Brian Trent, Hannah Whiteoak, John Wiswell, Maura Yzmore, and Victoria Zelvin.