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With all of the time we spent on computers and spreadsheets and Zoom and Slack over the past months, working to put together this issue and plan for moving forward, it worked out well for the first issue of 2021 to be all about the technology that connects us.
In “Across From her Dead Father in an Airport Bar,” Brian Trent presents us with a new invention that helps connect us not just across the world, but across time, and even beyond death. 
In “Into the Lightning Suit” by Kyle Richardson, two siblings take very different views on the extent which technology should be used following the death of their mother. This story asks again that age-old sci-fi question: Just because we can, does that mean we should?
In “Warlord” by Steve DuBois, we see how technology can keep us connected to people we already know, but it can also help us form new bonds and connections going forward. 
Our reprint this month, Southside Gods,” by Sarah Grey, is a story of broken technology, originally published at Orson Scott Cards Intergalactic Medicine Show.
And finally, for our very first Flash Fiction Flashback, we’ll be revisiting Camille Alexa’s “The GirlShaped Jar” and reconnecting with the author, nearly ten years after that story’s initial publication in Flash Fiction Online.
As we enter this new year, may these stories inspire you to connect with the important people in your life, be it on Zoom or Slack or email or tin-can telephones or video game chat or some new technology that you invent yourself. Share a smile. Share a laugh. Share how much they mean to you.
Or simply share a story.