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Relationships don’t define us. But they do serve as catalysts that bring us out of ourselves and allow others to see us for who we are. Sometimes, the other person in a relationship likes what they see. Sometimes, not so much. But every relationship, no matter the context or longevity, changes us.

This month’s issue is about relationships—the lies we tell, the secrets we keep, our fears and anxieties, and the human longing to be seen and accepted.

In “Secret Keepers” by returning FFO author Dafydd McKimm, a couple must decide if secrets are best kept or told.

“Six Dreams About the Train” by fellow FFO alum Maria Haskins is a surreal yet emotional look at how relationships move quickly beyond our control.

“One Black Feather” by R. K. Duncan is a heartbreakingly honest look at what it means to love someone struggling with depression.

Also this month, we offer a classic flash fiction story originally published in 1922, “The Lie” by Holloway Horn that we believe is still relevant today.

Finally, a new writing column from Jason S. Ridler that’s also about relationships—some with people but primarily about a writer’s relationship with writing.