A Classical Composer and Friend of Flash Fiction Online

If you like classical music at all, you should check out the Naxos Classical Music Spotlight. It’s essentially a commercial for Naxos recordings, but what a commercial! Twenty minutes of music from recent Naxos releases, interviews with conductors (and composers if they’re still alive), and historical and biographical information as well.

I mention this not only because I love the podcast (I was the first person to review it on iTunes), but also because we have gained a license to use music composed by James Hartway, a modern American composer, on the site. I thank Mr. Hartway and the Naxos label very much for this privilege.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast, click here. Visit Naxos of America, Inc. at www.Naxos.com, and purchase classical CDs at www.NaxosDirect.com. Jim Hartway’s site is located at jameshartway.com.