100th Issue Special Call!

Coming soon…

In January 2022, we’ll be celebrating our 100th issue of Flash Fiction Online! As part of our celebration, we’re looking for stories on the theme of “ONE HUNDRED.” Give us stories of centenarians on adventures! Tell us tales of a hundred-year storm! Raise the temperature to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit? Celsius?)! Write us a story that takes place in 100 seconds! The possibilities are endless — they just have to somehow involve the number 100 in a way that’s integral to the story.

This submission window will be open during the same time frames as our regular monthly window (1st-21st) until October 21. Submissions will be evaluated each month and receive either a rejection or a hold notice. Final decisions on these second-round stories will be made in early November. Multiple submissions are allowed for this call so long as each story fits the theme, and you may submit to this call while also submitting an ORIGINAL and a REPRINT submission.