The Art of Writing

I’m sitting in my living room, my feet up on a laundry basket, Bones streaming on Netflix, the sounds of a young violin student trying to manhandle something beautiful out of an instrument that can be as cantankerous as a badger coming from the other room.

I’m also listening to a podcast. It’s on, and it’s “Pieces of My Body” by Caroline M. Yoachim. At the end of the podcast is some commentary by ToastedCake’s publisher, Tina Connolly who is talking about how the story reminds her of an art museum she once visited. Apt comparison. Caroline’s writing is art. Which is why we’re particularly happy to republish this story here this month.

Our First run stories are just as impressive—a good mix of fun and fantasy and even some sci-fi action.

For fun, we offer “Your Past Life Interferes with My Very Important Studies” by C. L. Holland. Fun read with an author interview to boot! Woot!

For fantasy, we offer a haunting tale of love and loss and longing, “Portrait of My Wife as a Boat” by Samantha Murray.

For sci-fi, we have “The Disposition Matrix” by Flash Fiction Online Staffer, Brent Baldwin; an intriguing near-future post-apocalypse story. Great story. Great central character. The food? Not so great. You’ll see. Along with the story, we have an essay by Brent on how his work as a slush reader has helped him get published.