Alligators by Twitter

 Artwork : Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Courtesy of .
Artwork : Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Courtesy of Wikimedia.

5:00 PM (one day ago)
I can Twitter on my phone! No idea why I would, but it’s cool. Gives me something to do in the new house.

1:00 AM
Found mysterious hole in new house today. In floor. No basement. Calling my realtor after my sister and her kids leave.

7:00 AM
Building plans show no basement. What’s the hole lead to? Totally checking it out after they leave. Put carpet over hole for now.

9:00 AM
Nephew fell through carpet. Trying to play it like I didn’t know there was a hole.

9:20 AM
Holy crap! Nephew eaten by alligators! What are alligators doing under my house?

9:30 AM
They’re coming out of the hole. I’m stuck upstairs. Sister bailed with the rest of her spawn. Bitch!

9:45 AM
911 operator thought I was joking. Hung up on me. Bitch! At least alligators can’t climb stairs.

9:50 AM
They can climb stairs. Locking door.

10:00 AM
Alligators can’t open locks, can they? That’s just raptors, right?

10:10 AM
Never liked the wallpaper in here. Ugly tulip print. Changing it if I don’t get eaten.

10:15 AM
Got to pee.

10:25 AM
Making a break for the bathroom. Alligators are slow, right?

10:35 AM
Alligators are fast. Very fast. It ate my favorite right shoe. At least I can pee now. Love bathrooms. Safe bathrooms.

10:45 AM
Need to get out of here. Think I can climb out the window. Just two stories. Not bad, right? Just don’t look down.

11:00 AM
Looked down. More alligators. Stuck in bathroom again. They’re coming through the ground down there. So many holes.

11:11 AM
Police! Cop car at my house right now! God bless those flashing red and blue lights.

11:26 AM
Tunneling lizards got him. Can hear him under my house now. Stupid holegators. Got back to bedroom, threw my TV at one of them.

11:40 AM
I miss my TV. CNN say anything about holegator invasion?

11:50 AM
Alligators dragged my TV into their holes. Could swear I hear them watching it. They have electricity?

12:00 PM, Noon
They shut off my power. Holegators can chew through power lines! Hope they fried.

12:12 PM
Wonder how next door neighbor is handling this. Probably got eaten. Won’t miss his disco crap playing at 1:00 AM anymore.

12:24 PM
Holegator tried to pick my lock. Opened door and whacked him in face, then shut it. Haha. Showed that bastard.

12:30 PM
House just sagged. Think they’re eating the foundation?

12:42 PM
House now diagonal. Living in a scalene triangle. They’re trying to climb up to the window. Got to escape.

1:00 PM
Climbed up side. Got to roof. Holegator followed me, hit him with an antenna.

1:10 PM
They got my antenna. Have to run for the cop car.

1:20 PM
Made it. Thing won’t start! How do you start a cop car?

1:30 PM
Holegators burrowed under and ate the transmission! Car can’t move! When did alligators start eating metal?

1:40 PM
They’re under me. Can hear my TV. Holegators watch PBS?

1:50 PM
They’re eating the tires. Where to go? Wish there was a spare gun.

1:55 PM
Jabbing an alligator in eye with nightstick is more fun than you think.

2:05 PM
They ate my nightstick.

2:15 PM
Can’t get back to house. Surrounded.

2:25 PM
Going to do something stupid.

2:35 PM
Jumped down their hole. They have disco lighting? So many disco balls.

2:50 PM
Disco stopped. They’re back. Going to eat me. Tell my sister I hate her.

3:00 PM
Going to do something stupid.

3:10 PM
It worked! Singing disco songs makes them stop. Saturday Night Fever, I love you!

3:20 PM

3:30 PM
They get good TV reception.

3:40 PM
Brought me Chinese for singing Kung Fu Fighting. Good dumplings. Considering staying for a while.

3:50 PM
Next-door neighbor is behind this! Saw him. Was monologuing. People really do that?

4:00 PM
Brainwashing alligators through music waves? Got to be kidding me.

4:10 PM
He made the holegators build him an underground palace. Bastard stole my pool table!

4:15 PM
Going to do something stupid.

4:20 PM
Sucker punched him. Calmed holegators by singing Bee Gees.

4:30 PM
Think I’m controlling holegators. Have pool table back. Have many pool tables now!

4:45 PM
Sending them out for KFC. Want anything?