Are you a fan of FXXK WRITING? Have a favorite story from 2016 that you find yourself returning to over and over again?

Well, you’re in luck.

Your Flash Fiction Online favorites will be hitting online retailers in the very near future.

FXXK Writing Cover

For the sarcasm-inoculated, straight-talking authors in our midst, FXXK WRITING: A Guide for Frustrated Artists by Jason S. Ridler with an introduction by Ann Randolph, creator and instructor of the “Write Your Life for the Page and the Stage” workshop series, is on its way.

A MUST for all aspiring and established writers.







The Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology Series

Cover of Flash Fiction Online Science Fiction Anthology 2016Releasing in January 2017, the first in our series, SCIENCE FICTION: 2016, is sure to please both the casual short fiction reader and the dedicated hard-scifi conneissuer.  Quick Sip Reviewer, Charles Payseur says of our stories, “A language of taste and a language of song and a language of touch. Ways of communicating that not only step outside the bounds of traditional discourse but need to in order to be expressed…and the stories all seek a more universal form of communication.” Including “The Time Cookie Wars” by Benjamin C. Kinney, “Quartet of the Far-Blown Wars” by Matt Dovey, “Foreign Tongues” by John Wiswell, and many more, this is collection exemplifies what flash fiction can do among the science fiction sub-genres.

Edited by Suzanne W. Vincent. Illustrations by Dario Bijelac.

But there’s more.

In February, watch for the next volume–Fantasy. March is for Horror, and last, but definitely not least, we’ll release our Literary volume.

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